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"Dugout water trough at Tshimakain Mission."

Monument marking site at Tshimakain Mission

"Spring house over the spring that furnished the water for Tshimakain mission."

NW_Missions_Washington_St Pauls Mission_img006.tif
"Mission of St. Paul's near Kettle Falls and on the Columbia."

NW_Missions_Washington_St Pauls Mission_img003.tif
"Old mission of St. Paul's near old Fort Colville, before the collapse of the roof. View from the southeast."

NW_Missions_Washington_St Pauls Mission_img001.tif
"View of St. Paul's mission on the Columbia river near Kettle Falls."

NW_Missions_Washington_St Francis Regis_img002.tif
"View of the present Catholic Indian mission to the north and west of the city of Colville."

NW_Missions_Washington_St Francis Regis_img001.tif
"Close-up view of the church building at the present mission just beyond of Colville." "Indian school and mission (School now Bed and Breakfast, Church gone 1996)."

NW_Missions_Washington_St Francis Regis_img003.tif
"Colville Mission, showing the poplar hedge running from the highway to the dormitories of the Indian mission to the northwest of the present town of Colville."

NW_Missions_Washington_Mount St Michaels_img012.tif
"Spokane, Fort Wright College." "St. Michael's Mission chapel relocated and refurbished to its original appearance."

NW_Missions_Washington_Mount St Michaels_img009.tif
"Building of this mission among the Peone Indians founded by Father Cataldo. Building is not the original structure, but has stood since the 'sixties. In 1927 the scholastics at Mount St. Michael's "restored" the structure so that today it carries…

NW_Missions_Washington_Mount St Michaels_img008.tif
"View from the southwest of the old mission building as it has been rebuilt by the men at the St. Michael's scholasticate within the past four years."

NW_Missions_Washington_Mount St Michaels_img006.tif
"General view of the mission building together with the farm building now on the grounds from a point about an 1/8 mile to the southwest from an open field of the scholasticate farm."

NW_Missions_Washington_Mount St Michaels_img005.tif
"Straight front view of the Father Cataldo marker at the mission."

NW_Missions_Washington_Mount St Michaels_img002.tif
"View of the entrance facade of the mission."

NW_Missions_Washington_Mount St Michaels_img001.tif
"View of the old mission building from among the trees on the scholasticate grounds about a 1/4 mile distant."

NW_Missions_Washington_Mount St Michaels_img020.tif
"Bell on building of St. Michael's Mission."

"St. Rose Mission Cemetery, west of Walla Walla."

"Mission St. Rose of Lima can be seen through the trees from Highway 4."

"Omak; St. Mary's Mission, Washington State's only Indian boarding school. The church is oldest building (1905)."

"Omak; St. Mary's Mission. Confirmation class with Spokane Bishop Bernard J. Topel in rear. While the mission is the only Indian boarding school in the state; there is also a day school for white girls."

"Granite Marker placed at the graves of the Spaldings, this view showing the front inscription on the marker."

"Rev. Spalding home and monument. This house was built by the government about 1866. Spalding occupied this house after their home burned down. Marker is on the site of the original mission."

"Father Rovallis grove, St. Mary's Mission."

"St. Mary's Mission, Montana."

"St. Mary's Mission."

"Crosses marking the burials beneath alter in the mission church at DeSmet, Idaho, Coeur D'Alene Indian Mission. Father Joset d. 1900 and Father Giorda d. 1882."

"Mission at Desmet, Idaho as it appeared about 1915. Mission southeast of Tekoa, WA."

NW_Missions_Idaho_Coeur D'Alene Missions of the Sacred Heart_img037.tif
"Priest and contractor working on restoration."

NW_Missions_Idaho_Coeur D'Alene Missions of the Sacred Heart_img036.tif
"The old and original confessional of the mission."

NW_Missions_Idaho_Coeur D'Alene Missions of the Sacred Heart_img035.tif
"The main altar in the Mission in very much the same condition as when abandoned by the Jesuits."
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