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"Two great snow slides at Mace, Idaho, March 29, 1894. No one hurt. Picture is taken from the top of one slide looking toward the other. Slide was from 75 to 100 feet in depth, cut made was 86 ft. by actual measurement one month after the slide…

"Snow cut made from snow slide March 29, 1894"

"Two great snowslides at Mace, Idaho, March 29, 1894"

"Snowslide at Mace, Idaho, February 28, 1910."

On January 22, 1889 a westbound Northern Pacific train was nearing the low trestle over Hangman Creek. A man named Gustoff Hahndorff, who was hitching a ride, fell off and under the train causing it to derail. This picture shows the aftermath of…

The "S" bridge near the town of Wallace before the great snow slide of Feb 18, 1915.

Passenger train wreck at the "S" curve bridge near Wallace on February 18, 1915.

Wreck on bridge caused by snow slide on February 18, 1915. The passenger car hangs precariously from the ruined trestle.

A train rounds the Celilo Portage in the Columbia River Gorge. Date unknown.

Brewster. Okanogan County. Great Northern Station View South. Prototype of white painted stations east and west of Cascades.

"Cheney; Spokane County. This pleasant college town station with its red tiled roof is an attractive departure from the accostomed drab design."

"Dayton; Columbia County. The state's most picturesque station; view S. W."

"Dayton; Columbia County. Rear view of the state's most picturesque station."

"Edmonds, Snohomish County. New suburban station of the Great Northern Railroad. View N. E."

"Fairfield; Spokane County. Union Pacific Station: view N. W. This pleasant 2 story depot with upstairs living accommodation represents another less prevalent station painted chiefly in brown."

"Lester; King County. Once an important division point, this Northern Pacific Eastern Mountain King Co. Station only occasionally draws old time crowds by Casey Jones special trains. View South.

"Lyle; Klickitat County. View East to small S. S. & P. R. R. station with Columbia River in the distance.

Oakesdale, Whitman County. One car commuter train at Northern Pacific Station on its daily run from Spokane to Pullman and Moscow, Idaho. View Northwest.

Roosevelt; Klickitat County. Station of the Spokane-Portland and Seattle Railroad. Line to be relocated after completion of John Day Dam on Columbia River; view east.

"Rosalia; Whitman County. One of many small stations being overhwelmed by its gigantic neighbors. The grain elevators, old and new. N. P. Station."

"Snoqualmie; King Co. This attractive station long has been a favorite of all railroad lovers. View N. E."

Formally dressed passengers wait at the electric railroad station at Liberty Lake Junction (north of the current site of the freeway). Taken c. 1905.

Two types of the Great Northern passenger locomotives on display in the brickyard east of Division St. On the left is one of the William Crooks's design, first built in 1861, and on the right is the 2500, a P-2 class steam locomotive. Taken c. 1923.

The Oregon Pony on display near Portland's Union Station in 1936. The first locomotive in the Pacific Northwest, the Oregon Pony operated on the Oregon Portage Railway which moved freight and passengers around both the Cascades and the Great Dalles…

First train to Astoria returning to Portland from Astoria on May 16, 1898.

Rayonier, Inc. logging locomotive #10 on display in Forks. Date unknown.

Men pose near a locomotive idling. Presumed to be in Spokane Valley, ca. 1920.

A view of 3rd Avenue to Spring Street in September 1883 during the celebration of the completion of the Northern Pacific Railroad at the University of Washington grounds.

First train arriving in Seattle over the Columbia & Puget Sound Railway in September 1883. This was also the first passenger train to arrive in Seattle and it brough officials of the Northern Pacific Railway of which the Columbia & Puget Sound was a…

Railroad barbeque by whites and Indians on the University of Washington campus celebrating the completion of the Northern Pacific Railway and the arrival of the first train in September 1883.

The old type of rotary plow maintained by the Union Pacific Railway for the purpose of keeping tracks cleared of snow. Taken c. 1890 by the Barnard Studio (?).

Photo taken of workers on the rail line between Hooper & Joso in Whitman and Franklin Counties near Palouse Falls, ca. 1920

Photo taken of workers on the rail line between Hooper & Joso in Whitman and Franklin Counties near Palouse Falls, ca. 1920

Locomotive on the rail line between Hooper and Joso, ca. 1920.

Two locomotives prepare to pass each other on the rail line between Hooper and Joso, ca. 1920.

Rail worker and family in front a house on the line between Hooper and Joso, ca. 1920.

Photo taken of a worker in front of a house on the rail line between Hooper and Joso, ca. 1920.

Photo taken of a rail worker and his family near the rail line between Hooper & Joso in Whitman and Franklin Counties near Palouse Falls, ca. 1920.

Railroad workers pose with cats on the rail line between Hooper and Joso, ca. 1920

Rail line between Hooper and Joso in Whitman and Franklin Counties, ca. 1920.
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