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Miners pose with their equipment in a mine in the Coeur d'Alene region.

Miners work placer mines in Delta with hydraulic equipment in this photo from the 1890s.

The mine and mill of the Interstate Mine, ca. 1890.

Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill in Kellogg, Idaho, 1899.

Children pose on a donkey in front of the Gove & Crane General Merchandise store in Kellogg, Idaho shortly after the start of the mining boom, ca. 1890.

Remains of Bunker Hill concentrator after April 29, 1899 explosion.

Miners haul equipment to a mine in the Coeur D'Alene district. Undated.

Miners and horses haul equipment to a mine in the Coeur d'Alene. Undated.

The Empire State-Idaho Mill (concentrator) at Sweeney (later called Bradley). Started by F. Lewis Clark and Charles Sweeney of Spokane, ca. 1900.

The Bunker Hill and Sullivan mill before explosion of April 29, 1899.

Building a warehouse among the original Hercule surface buildings near level #1. The three men working on the warehouse roof are Ed Hedin, August Paulsen and Jerome Day. Harry Day's horse stands near the center. Date unknown.

View of the mine and its vicinity shortly after the discovery of the vein, ca. 1895.

View from the railroad of Wallace, Idaho showing the tents of soldiers called to suppress the labor unrest of 1899.

A group of men drill within the stockade at the "bullpen" with wooden guns and swords, 1899.

View of the Frisco-Helena Mill following the July 11, 1892 explosion during the mining war of that year.

Panoramic view of the "bullpen" during the 1899 mining war. Taken in 1899.

"This mining camp as it appeared in 1887." Signs indicate the locations of the Poorman and Tiger Mines. Taken August 1887.

"Gorge Gulch. Upper End of Burke down which all Hercules Ore was hauled; One team of horses would bring the load of ore down but it took 6 teams of draft horses to take the empty wagon back up. Looking up the canyon through Gorge Gulch and very…

Snowstorm Lumber Mill in Mullan showing new tree growth on the surrounding hillside. Taken c. 1892.

The Mullan Fire Department poses on their engine in front of a brick building. Undated.

Bird's eye view of Wallace over a decade after the 1910 fire. Note the brick construction. Rail cars filled with rock wait next to the railway station. Taken 1926.

Bird's-eye view of Wallace apparently prior to the Great Fire of 1910. Centered on the corner of 4th and Cedar Streets, the photo shows the explosive growth of this mining and timber center in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Taken c. 1900.

Very early bird's-eye view of Wallace prior to 1888.

View of the Bunker Hill & Sullivan concentrator after its dynamiting on April 29, 1899.

Elevation view of Wardner and Silver Valley. Studio information and date included on print, 1907.

A view of the bullpen of 1899 under construction, 1899.

"The riots 1899 arose when the assistant manager of the Bunker Hill Mine refused to recognize the consolidated miner's union. On April 29, a party of 200 masked men took possession of a Northern Pacific Train at Burke and collecting men, arms, and…

Group of participants in 1899 strike.

The interior of the bullpen showing prisoners' bunks and imprisoned residents of the Silver Valley, 1899.

Interior of the bullpen showing imprisoned miners eating with their plates on the ground, 1899.
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