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Spokane Views Aerial 1.tif
View looking Northwest, n.d.

Spokane Views Aerial 41.tif
Looking south and west over Cliff, Sumner, Wall and Monroe Streets.

Spokane Views Aerial 43.tif
Looking southeast from courthouse

Spokane Views Aerial 45.tif
The north side of Spokane taken facing east.

Spokane Views Aerial 5.tif
View of High Bridge (Union Pacific Railroad bridge) crossing Latah Creek and the Spokane River. White building just above Monroe Street Bridge is Montgomery Wards store and later City Hall. Taken from point just west of town faceing east.

Spokane Views Aerial 33.tif
Aerial view of Spokane.

Spokane Views Aerial 7.tif
Buisness district, Spokane.

Spokane Views Aerial 9.tif
Buisness section of Spokane taken from above the Paulsen Building. Note Airport sign on Old Nat'l Bank bldg.

Spokane Views Aerial 17.tif
Looking southeast from courthouse.

Spokane Views Aerial 2.tif
Aerial view of Spokane, n.d.

Spokane Views Aerial 20.tif
Taken north and west of downtown Spokane. Cement plant on Government Way visible in foreground. Natatorium Park visible across river to the left. Summit Blvd. located above the bluff. Cluster of buildings to the right of photo on Summit blvd. is St.…

Spokane Views Aerial 28.tif
Aerial view of Spokane, undated.

Spokane Views Aerial 3.tif
Aerial View of the buisness district looking east. Taken two blocks west of the Davenport Hotel.

Spokane Views Aerial 31.tif
Aerial view of Spokane over the River.

Spokane Views Aerial 36.tif
Looking Southeast across the lower edge of Browne's Addition. Little Sunset Highway, Latah (Hangman) bridge in lower right.

Spokane Views Aerial 37.tif
Undated aerial view of Spokane's downtown.

folder 1, 13.tif
Looking north from Lewis and Clark High School, W. 500 4th St.

folder 1, 14.tif
Looking north from South Hill. Howard St. in foreground running north.

folder 1, 15.tif
Riverside and Lincoln.

folder 1, 17.tif
Looking north from 6th avenue.

Folder 1, 32.tif
Looking east across city on north side of town.

Folder 1, 35.tif
Looking north from Cliff Drive. Streets visible are Wall and Howard.

Folder 1, 36.tif
Summit Blvd. Taken facing east.

Folder 1, 38.tif
Looking north across the business section of the city from intersection of 5th and Adams.

Folder 1, 4.tif
Looking west at Summit Blvd, Gardner, Boone and Dean.

Folder 1, 24.tif
Spokane River in downtown Spokane.

folder 1, 27.tif
View of the Spokane River in downtown Spokane.

folder 1, 7.tif
Looking southeast from Broadway and Monroe.

folder 1, 9.tif
Looking North from Cannon Hill, about 7th avenue.

Folder 2, 10.tif
View of buildings on the Spokane River. Clock tower in the background.

Folder 2, 19.tif
View of Spokane residential area

Folder 2, 2.tif
Looking north across the city from 12th and Grand

Folder 2, 41.tif
Looking up the river and across the city from Riverside Park Cemetery

Folder 2, 43.tif
Monroe street bridge and business district. Taken facing south and a little east.

Folder 2, 11.tif
Looking north across city. Streets in foreground are McClellan and Browne.

Folder 2, 46.tif
Water reservoir. Taken facing north.

Folder 2, 7.tif
Looking north along Monroe

Folder 2, 8.tif
Auditorium building. City Hall in background. Looking northeast from Lincoln and Main.

Folder 3, 16.tif
Looking north across the city. McClellan St. in foreground.
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