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A view of the current Hangman (Latah) Creek bridge taken c. 1911. Remnants of the old bridge and the Latah Creek Trestle are visible to the north. Iin the foreground are the tracks of the Northern Pacific Railroad.

A view of a horse and buggy crossing old Hangman (Latah) Creek bridge. Billboards are visible along the railing of the bridge in the foreground and Browne's Addition is in the background. Approximately 1900.

A view of old Hangman (Latah) Creek bridge. Workers and building materials are visible in the foreground. Before 1911.

A hand colored view of the Union Pacific/Milwaukee Road over Hangman (Latah) Creek from the early 1900s.

A 1920s view of the north side of Latah Creek Bridge.

A crowd watches the dedication of the Union Pacific/Milwaukee Road bridges and viaduct over the Spokane River and Monroe Street. Taken September 15, 1914

Panoramic view of the steel Monroe Street Bridge and streetcar traffic taken from the northwest side of the bridge.

Looking down the valley and across the bridge from Ninth Avenue. In the distance is the High Bridge.

A concrete phylon, or pavilion, on the east side of the bridge with a bas-relief bison skull. Taken with panatomic film using red filter (A) on November 7, 1936.

Stereo view of the Spokane River, Spokane 2nd Monroe Street Bridge and the electric power house looking south across the river. Visible in the background is the tower of the Review building built in 1891.

Looking upriver from beneath the steel beam structure of the Monroe Street Bridge. Taken about 1898.

Looking downstream and to the southwest across the dam toward the steel Monroe Street Bridge about 1898. Taken from the Post Street Bridge in the winter.

Monroe Street Bridge

"Monroe Street Bridge and Union Trestle, Spokane." January 8, 1921

"Spokane Falls and Bridges over the Spokane River, 1/8/1921"

Construction of the timber Monroe Street Bridge in 1889.

Second Monroe Street Bridge

Monroe Street Bridge with an inscription that reads "Monroe St. Cantilever Bridge, 1000 ft. long and 125 ft. high. Over the Spokane River. Spokane, Wash."

Looking northeast, streetcars and horse traffic cross the steel Monroe Street Bridge over the Lower Falls in this undated photo.

Looking down the Spokane River across the Union Pacific high bridge to the river's junction with Hangman (Latah) Creek in 1926.

A 1926 view of Hangman (Latah) Creek valley and 6th Avenue high bridge.

Inscription reads "#91 Companion to #90 Looking N.W. Taken May 31st, 1910. Lewis" This a northwestern facing view showing the dismantling of the second bridge and workers building the base of the third bridge.

Northern span of the old Howard Street Bridge crossing the northern channel of the Spokane River and Middle Falls. The Centennial Mill Co. warehouse located at the corner of Mallon and Howard is on the left. Taken around 1900.

Wooden bridge over Latah (Hangman Creek).

Reverse angle view of Union Pacific/Milwaukee trestle entering Spokane in the 1920s.

Union Pacific/Milwaukee Trestle entering Spokane in the 1920s.

Another view of the third Monroe Street bridge, Lower Fall and Washington Water Power Company powerhouse illuminated at night. Taken facing upstream. Date unknown.

The third Monroe Street bridge, Lower Fall and Washington Water Power Company powerhouse illuminated at night. Taken facing upstream. Date unknown.

The third Monroe Street bridge during the early 1910s. Advertising for Rantz and Halstead and beer visible in the background. Before 1914.

The Union Pacific/Milwaukee Road high bridge across the Spokane River and Latah Creek under construction in 1913.

Workers on the Union Pacific/Milwaukee high bridge across the Spokane River. Taken facing northwest.

A crowd watches the lowering of a steel beam during the construction of the Union Pacific-Milwaukee Road bridge and viaduct across the Monroe Street bridge in 1914.

Spectators watch the construction of the steel Union Pacific-Milwaukee bridge and viaduct across the Spokane River and Monroe Street. Taken from the south shore of the river in 1914.

Construction of the forms for casting of the concrete north arch of the third Monroe Street bridge in 1910.

Pouring concrete on the outer spans of the third Monroe Street bridge in 1910.

The third Monroe Street bridge under construction in 1911. Taken facing upstream, wooden scaffolding is in place on both sides of the river to support the first sections of the concrete span.

The 6th Avenue high bridge after the completion of the concrete pour and before removal of the wooden forms. Behind is the old wooden bridge.

Sepia tone image of the first Monroe Street Bridge across the Spokane River and Lower Falls. Taken after its completion in 1889. This wooden bridge burned July 23, 1890.

Lower falls of Spokane River and two bridges, Post and Howard Street. Drawing by Edward W. Lange, ca. 1895.
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