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Spokane Homes 27.tif
2318 S. Lincoln St.

Spokane Homes 53.tif
1923 E. 1st. Ave. Loewenberg/Roberts home.

Spokane Homes 38.tif
House in Stratton's addition.

Spokane Homes 54.tif
1415 W. Riverside Ave. Newbery home. Demolished ca. 1994

Spokane Homes 55.tif
Francis Cook House. Top of Grand Blvd. Hill.

Spokane Homes 59.tif
905 S. Monroe

Spokane Homes 63.tif
908 Frederick St.

Spokane Homes 41.tif
Gibbs house on Rockwood Blvd. and Garfield St.

Spokane Homes 23.tif
704 W. Mission

Spokane Homes 16.tif
1302 W. Boone Ave (Boone and Adams St.) built in 1887. Home of Clark Boughton. Mr. And Mrs. Clark Boughton pictured sitting in center. Mr. William Boughton pictured standing to right. Mrs. William Boughton is pictures sitting on left. Child in chair…

Spokane Homes 25.tif
1002-1008 Riverton

Spokane Homes 29.tif
House on right is Judge Turner's home on Howard St. House on left is Horace Cutter's home.

Spokane Homes 2.tif
Kaiser home. South Grand and Sumner Ave.

Spokane Homes 2b.tif
W. 601 7th Ave. Home of F. Lewis Clark. Later Mary Cliff school.

Spokane Homes 5.tif
507 W. 7th Ave. D.C. Corbin house. Later Spokane art center

Spokane Homes 6.tif
1314 E. 5th Ave. Hart Home. Front elevation looking south.

Spokane Homes 7.tif
1708 S. Maple. Bingham home.

Spokane Homes 9.tif
1303 N. Lindeke St.

Spokane Homes 11.tif
909 E. Boone Ave. Home of Bernhard and Sophia Schade. 16 rooms.

Spokane homes 17.tif
1858 W. College Ave.

Spokane Homes 20.tif
15 E. Harlan. Mr. Blanding's Dream House.

Spokane Homes 22.tif
Home at 1706 W. 9th Avenue.

Spokane Homes 31.tif
1305 W. 5th. Leo Long's home.

Spokane Homes 12.tif
Location unknown

Spokane Homes 14.tif
Location unknown

Spokane Homes 32.tif
Kingman home.

Spokane Homes 35 upper.tif
Former homestead of Mr. Parks. Built in 1887. Located at 9th and Lincoln St.

Spokane Homes 46.tif
W. 514 and 512 3rd. Ave. Judge Frank A. Bettis home. Later Japanese Mission.

Spokane Homes 47.tif
Keystone addition near Howard St.

Spokane Homes 50.tif
1203 S. Cedar

Spokane Homes 52.tif
Location Unknown

Spokane Homes Browne's Addition 2.tif
2123 W. First Ave. Granes / White Home

Spokane Homes Browne's Addition 5.tif
2328 W. 1st. Ave. Wakefield House. Constructed 1896. Cutter & Malmgren Architects.

Spokane Homes Browne's Addition 3.tif
J.J. Browne home. Later Robert Strahorn

Spokane Homes Browne's Addition 7.tif
2231 W. 1st. Ave. Home of Wakefield P. Russell. Constructed 1900.

Spokane Homes Browne's Addition 9.tif
214 S. Coeur d'Alene St. Gackler Home.

Spokane Homes Browne's Addition 11.tif
2425 W. Pacific Ave. C.P. Robbins home. Built in 1899. Designed by Albert Held.

Spokane Homes Browne's Addition 12.tif
1627 W. Pacific. Home of Dr. Ralph Hanson.
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