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Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Sears Comstock Building_img021.tif
"Comstock Library, Children's Room Office, Miss Hazel Hart."

"Spokane Library Staff Christmas 1913."

"Mrs. Grace Turner, SPL Staff, WWI book campaign poster."

"Gladys Porter, Storylady at Spokane Public Library's Carnegie Library in 1955.

"Mrs. Wreath Goodrich, Heath Library, September 1968- December 1970."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Sears Comstock Building_img023.tif
"Comstock Library Main Floor. Mr. Carrick delivering dedication speech."

"Gladys McLean, North Hill, March 7, 1961 - July 31, 1971."

"Elizabeth Hagen, Manito Librarian, employed January 23, 1960 - August 31, 1970.

"Laura Weaver, Library Assistant, Perry St. May 1957- June 1975."

"Florence Johnson, Librarian January 1916- January 1965."

"Miss Grace Turner of the Spokane Public Library staff poses for the official "book campaign" poster before joining in a Red Cross parade."

"Staff Christmas Party 1913."

"Hazel Hart, Children's Librarian, Spokane Public Library, Fall 1950."

"Gladys Porter, Story Lady for Spokane Public Library."

"Frances Kluckhorn, employed from September 6, 1967- June 25, 1971."

"Rozella Buettner, Library Assistant III 1960-1972."

"Rita Croteau, Hillyard Branch."

George Fuller and unidentified library staff.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_North Monroe_img007.tif
North Monroe Branch operated between 1914 and 1964.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_North Hill_img002.tif
North Hill Branch at 705 West Heroy. Operated between 1929 and 1982.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img016.tif
Audubon Branch at 3318 W. Northwest Blvd. operated between 1962-1969

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img012.tif
Perry Street Branch. Part of the Hoxsey Block, this branch
operated between 1913 to 1976.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img011.tif
Perry Street Branch. Part of the Hoxsey Block, this branch operated between 1913 to 1976.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img010.tif
Sherman Branch, undated photo. This branch operated between 1915 and 1948.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img008.tif
Division Street Branch, undated.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img006.tif
North Monroe Branch operated between 1914 and 1964 at 925 W. Montgomery.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img005.tif
"Division St. Branch, Miss Eliza Townsend at desk."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Manito Branch_img003.tif
Interior view of the "new" Manito Branch.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Manito Branch_img001.tif
Undated photo of the Manito branch libary.

Carnegie Library Children's Room. Mrs. Thelma Back and Mrs. Rita Giebel. Feb. 1963.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Lidgerwood Branch_img004.tif
Undated photo of the Lidgerwood Branch of Spokane Public Library.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Lidgerwood Branch_img001.tif
"Annual Report '66." "Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1:50 pm - 8:50pm, 1966."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Heath Branch_img002.tif
"Heath Branch, closed December 31, 1980."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Heath Branch_img006.tif
Laying cornerstone on the Heath Branch library in 1913.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_East Side Branch_img012.tif
East Side Branch taken shortly after construction.
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