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Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img045.tif
Women at work in the cataloging department, undated.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img016.tif
"Children's Room. Mrs. Thelma Back - Center front."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img013.tif
Young man at work in a processing room at the library

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img012.tif
George Fuller at his desk in the Carnegie Library

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Exterior Views_img040.tif
"Construction workers take a breather on the site of Spokane's new library building, located at S. 10 Cedar. Funds for the construction, which began in 1904, were donated by library philanthropist Andrew Carnegie."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img017.tif
"Taken in August 1911. Miss Ora L. Maxwell and Miss Rhea Buchanan. Miss Maxwell entered the employ of the library at this time." "Librarian's office with catalog office in foreground."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Exterior Views_img010.tif
"The building is not quite completed as evidenced by the work still being done on the front steps and the signs in the windows to indicate that the glass has just been installed. One can almost see into the building and it appears empty."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Exterior Views_img009.tif
Undated photo of the Carnegie Library, 1920s?

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Exterior Views_img003.tif
Undated photograph of the entrance to the Carnegie Library in Spokane

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Exterior Views_img001.tif
Car in the snow in front of the Carnegie Library in Spokane.

Lining up for the bookmobile in the snow

Women in front of the bookmobile

Children lined up in the snow for the bookmobile

Children lined up in the snow for the bookmobile
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