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George Fuller and unidentified library staff.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_North Monroe_img007.tif
North Monroe Branch operated between 1914 and 1964.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_North Hill_img002.tif
North Hill Branch at 705 West Heroy. Operated between 1929 and 1982.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img016.tif
Audubon Branch at 3318 W. Northwest Blvd. operated between 1962-1969

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img012.tif
Perry Street Branch. Part of the Hoxsey Block, this branch
operated between 1913 to 1976.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img011.tif
Perry Street Branch. Part of the Hoxsey Block, this branch operated between 1913 to 1976.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img010.tif
Sherman Branch, undated photo. This branch operated between 1915 and 1948.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img008.tif
Division Street Branch, undated.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img006.tif
North Monroe Branch operated between 1914 and 1964 at 925 W. Montgomery.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Misc Branches_img005.tif
"Division St. Branch, Miss Eliza Townsend at desk."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Manito Branch_img003.tif
Interior view of the "new" Manito Branch.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Manito Branch_img001.tif
Undated photo of the Manito branch libary.

Carnegie Library Children's Room. Mrs. Thelma Back and Mrs. Rita Giebel. Feb. 1963.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Lidgerwood Branch_img004.tif
Undated photo of the Lidgerwood Branch of Spokane Public Library.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Lidgerwood Branch_img001.tif
"Annual Report '66." "Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1:50 pm - 8:50pm, 1966."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Heath Branch_img002.tif
"Heath Branch, closed December 31, 1980."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Heath Branch_img006.tif
Laying cornerstone on the Heath Branch library in 1913.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_East Side Branch_img012.tif
East Side Branch taken shortly after construction.

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_East Side Branch_img003.tif
"Cornerstone Ceremony. Note brick corbelling."

"SPL Staff Christmas Card 1913. Mr. Fuller and Secretary Ora Maxwell (She was later head of Circulation)."

"Gladys Puckett, Head Librarian 1936-1960 and Benjamin Kizer, Spokane Attorney."

"Mr. George W. Fuller - City Libraries."

"R. Bruce Carrick. Annual Report '66."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img044.tif
Undated photo of the book stacks in the Carnegie Library

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img040.tif
"Circulation desk. Front- Mrs. Marjorie Thompson. Right- Mrs. Rozella Buettner. Feb-Mar 1963."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img039.tif
"Fine Arts room of Reference Department, ca. March 1963."

Spokane_Libraries_SPL_Carnegie Library_Interior Views_img035.tif
"Reference Department. Miss Agnes Cappock, ca. March 1963."
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