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Spokane Valley Apple Orchard-Raymond (#1).tif
Orchard of T. F. Raymond, Opportunity, apple picking time.

NW Cowboys (#4).tif
"Shortie '07." Cowboy wearing chaps on a horse.

NW Cowboys (#5).tif
Two cowboys on horseback, one is holding a bottle.

Washington Homesteads (#1).tif
"Homestead, Palouse County. Taken in '80's"

Spokane Valley Apple Orchard-Raymond (#3).tif
T.F. Raymond apple orchard, Opportunity.

Washington --Agriculture (#3).tif
"Potato harvest in the Inland Empire."

Washington--Agriculture (#1).tif
Putting up hay near Newport.

NW WheatandWheat Farming (#07).tif
"Horse and mule drawn combine in the Palouse region- 33 horse and mules furnishing traction."

NW Wheat and WheatFarming (#03).tif
Rear view of the combine operating on the side hill slope of a Palouse wheatfield.

Branding calves near Ft. Benton, Montana. Copy of a photo estimated to have been taken in the 1870s (?)

NW Sheep (#1).tif
"Sheep grazing in 5 acre alfalfa field seven miles from Sunnyside. Taken in Kittitas Valley - outside irrigation section on South Central highway."

NW-Wheat Farming-Churchill (#1).tif
Palouse threshing crew in front of the cook shack.

NW Wheat and Wheat Farming  (#21).tif
Two horse-drawn combines.

NW-Wheat and Wheat Farming  (#27).tif
"Threshing machine on Orrin Torrey's farm, Odessa, Washington."

NW Wheat & Wheat Farming (#18).tif
"At work in Palouse field with Steptoe Butte in the background."

NW- Apple Orchards (#3).tif
Near Wenatchee, Washington.

NW- Apple Orchards (#2).tif
Orchard in bloom, Wenatchee, Washington.

Spokane Valley-Agriculture (#2).tif
"Alfalfa harvest near Liberty Lake."

Spokane Valley-Agriculture (#4).tif
"G. Dhaenens family." Children helping with apple harvest.

Spokane Valley-Agriculture (#8).tif
"Melons, Spokane Valley."

Spokane Valley-Agriculture (#15).tif
Apples ready for harvest.

Spokane Valley Agriculture (#21).tif
"A.J. Dhaenens and son irrigating bean patch."

NW Farms & Farming (002).tif
Harvest time with men and equipment in a field.

NW Wheat Farms & Farming004.tif
Rear view of the combine operating on the side hill slope of a Palouse wheatfield.

NW Wheat Farms & Farming_Steptoe001.tif
Men with bags of harvested wheat at warehouse in Steptoe, Wash.

NW _apple_orchards001.tif
Orchard in bloom, Wenatchee, Washington.

"Display of fruit from Henry Wendler's farm, the Newman Lake Fruit Farm. Henry Wendler is at left in the photo and his wife, Sadie, is at right. Sadie and her daughter, Lillian (later married to John Day) canned all the produce. There is catsup,…

Display of canned and bottled goods from the Wendler Farms at Newman Lake, Washington.
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