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Spokane Valley Apple Orchard-Raymond (#1).tif
Orchard of T. F. Raymond, Opportunity, apple picking time.

NW Cowboys (#4).tif
"Shortie '07." Cowboy wearing chaps on a horse.

NW Cowboys (#5).tif
Two cowboys on horseback, one is holding a bottle.

Washington Homesteads (#1).tif
"Homestead, Palouse County. Taken in '80's"

Spokane Valley Apple Orchard-Raymond (#3).tif
T.F. Raymond apple orchard, Opportunity.

Washington --Agriculture (#3).tif
"Potato harvest in the Inland Empire."

Washington--Agriculture (#1).tif
Putting up hay near Newport.

NW WheatandWheat Farming (#07).tif
"Horse and mule drawn combine in the Palouse region- 33 horse and mules furnishing traction."

NW Wheat and WheatFarming (#03).tif
Rear view of the combine operating on the side hill slope of a Palouse wheatfield.

Branding calves near Ft. Benton, Montana. Copy of a photo estimated to have been taken in the 1870s (?)

NW Sheep (#1).tif
"Sheep grazing in 5 acre alfalfa field seven miles from Sunnyside. Taken in Kittitas Valley - outside irrigation section on South Central highway."

NW-Wheat Farming-Churchill (#1).tif
Palouse threshing crew in front of the cook shack.

NW Wheat and Wheat Farming  (#21).tif
Two horse-drawn combines.

NW-Wheat and Wheat Farming  (#27).tif
"Threshing machine on Orrin Torrey's farm, Odessa, Washington."

NW Wheat & Wheat Farming (#18).tif
"At work in Palouse field with Steptoe Butte in the background."

NW- Apple Orchards (#3).tif
Near Wenatchee, Washington.

NW- Apple Orchards (#2).tif
Orchard in bloom, Wenatchee, Washington.

Spokane Valley-Agriculture (#2).tif
"Alfalfa harvest near Liberty Lake."

Spokane Valley-Agriculture (#4).tif
"G. Dhaenens family." Children helping with apple harvest.

Spokane Valley-Agriculture (#8).tif
"Melons, Spokane Valley."

Spokane Valley-Agriculture (#15).tif
Apples ready for harvest.

Spokane Valley Agriculture (#21).tif
"A.J. Dhaenens and son irrigating bean patch."

NW Farms & Farming (002).tif
Harvest time with men and equipment in a field.

NW Wheat Farms & Farming004.tif
Rear view of the combine operating on the side hill slope of a Palouse wheatfield.

NW Wheat Farms & Farming_Steptoe001.tif
Men with bags of harvested wheat at warehouse in Steptoe, Wash.

NW _apple_orchards001.tif
Orchard in bloom, Wenatchee, Washington.
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