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Frank Palmer photograph of man standing next to the rock formation known as the Bowl and Pitcher.

Bowl and Pitcher 2.tif
Group standing on the rock formation known as the Bowl and Pitcher on the Spokane River.

Bowl and Pitcher 3.tif
The "Pitcher" Rock as seen from the west bank.

Bowl and Pitcher 6.tif
Looking downstream through gorge.

"Pitcher rock seen from among the trees almost directly above the southwest of the rock itself."

"Close-up view of the huge boulders forming the west side of the gorge."

Bowl and Pitcher 11.tif
Looking at the Spokane River at the Bowl and Pitcher.

Bowl and Pitcher 12.tif
Rapids at entrance to the gorge.

Bowl and Pitcher 14.tif
"Pitcher" rock from the southeast.

"Rock formations at west side of gorge containing those from which name was derived."

Bowl and Pitcher 21.tif
Three quarter view of "Pitcher" rock from Southwest.

Bowl and Pitcher 24.tif
Group of rocks above the "Pitcher," including hollowed rock known as the "Bowl."

"Looking down through the gorge from some little distance above and from among the trees."

Bowl and Pitcher 29.tif
Bowl and Pitcher.

"Looking down through rock gap at the formation"

"The gorge at the rocked in enclosure from a point directly above and to the SW from the west bank of the stream."

Bowl and Pitcher 36.tif
"Hell's Gate"

Bowl and Pitcher 37.tif
Frank Palmer photographic of the Bowl and Pitcher on the Spokane River.

Bowl and Pitcher 38.tif
Frank Palmer photograph of the bowl and pitcher.

Bowl and Pitcher 41.tif
Bridge at Riverside State Park.

"Looking down the river from above the rocks of the gorge, the pitcher rock being plainly seen in the group below the rock."

Bowl and Pitcher 44.tif
Bowl and Pitcher as seen from observation station to the southwest of the rocks.

"Pitcher of the formation as seen from the trail above, and looking through the break in the trees."

Bowl and Pitcher 30.tif
Aerial view of the Bowl and Pitcher.

"Mounds below little falls" Aerial view of the Spokane River.

"Nine Mile power station, Spokane River"

"Culligan soft water building on north bank of river"

Middle Falls and North channel of the Spokane River.

Middle falls of the Spokane River as they appear in 1875.

Middle falls of the Spokane River looking east from Post Street bridge prior to 1889.

Copy of a sketch which appeared in the August 17, 1889 issue of Frank Leslie's Weekly entitled, "Wash. Territory - view of town destroyed by fire."

Spokane Falls Early 16.tif
View of the Spokane River and Falls.

Spokane Falls Early 19.tif
The lower falls of the Spokane river

"Spokane Falls in 1880. Photo by Wing. Note through trees the white trimmed structure of the old Falls View Hotel (to the right of the falls). To the left of the river, in the background, appears the white colored home of "Cap" Jenkins an early…

Spokane Falls Early 23.tif
Early view of the river and falls, 1890.
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