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"Washington Water Power temporary headquarters after the Spokane fire of 1889. The great fire struck the city's downtown in early August, just five months after WWP was created. Using any wire that would carry 10 amps - including barbed ware -…

"View of a portion of the city after of the fire of 1883 showing piles of goods scattered somewhat about."

"Site of Spokane fire of 1883. The x marks Glover's house. It was later moved to Browne's addition."

Map showing boundaries of the August 4, 1889 fire. Map owned and drawn by Robert Hyslop, 1982.

Howard Street looking south front Front Street before the fire.

Offices of Clough & Graves Co. and J. C. Eaton Co. in tents after the fire.

Insurance Adjusters, Spokane Fire, Aug 1889.

Looking west on Riverside prior to 1889 fire.

Riverside Avenue looking west the morning after the fire.

Spokane Fire 1889 27.tif
Clough & Graves Real Estate, Bank of Spokane Falls. J.C. Eaton operating out of tents after fire.

Spokane Fire 1889 29.tif
Drug store operating out of a tent after fire

Spokane Fire 1889 10.tif
Insurance adjusters at work in improvised quarters after fire.

Spokane Fire 1889 9.tif
John W. Graham store in buisness in a tent after 1889 fire

Spokane Fire 1889 4.tif
Insurance Adjusters, Spokane Fire, Aug 1889.

Spokane Fire 1889 3.tif
Remains of the Glover/Pioneer Block after the fire of 1889.

Spokane Fire 1889 16.tif
Riverside Avenue looking west after 1889 fire.

Spokane Fire 1889 14.tif
Looking north from Railroad Ave. after the fire.

Spokane Fire 1889 18.tif
First Street looking east from Lincoln.

Spokane Fire 1889 19.tif
Howard St. looking north

Spokane Fire 1889 28.tif
Riverside Ave. after fire.

Spokane Fire 1889 12.tif
The first electric line being strung along Main Avenue after the 1889 fire.
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