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Newman Lake school in 1908.

"Amelia Thom and Elsie Wendler marked on photo with an X. Tillie is marked standing near the post, and in the doorway is Ann Sutton. Miss Car was the teacher. She later married John MAuliff. Others in the photos: Peter Thom, Ada Hess, Mary Thom, and…

"Children at Newman Lake School"

Class picture of Sheridan School in Spokane, 1910. Includes Frances and Esther Rayot.

Spokane College graduating class, 1910. Top left corner is John Sims.

Spokane college under construction, 1906.

Spokane College football team, fall 1908. Lower right is John Sims.

A group of runners from Spokane College. Second from left is John Sims.

Spokane-Schools-Brunot Hall #1.tif
Girls school founded by Lemuel H. Wells, first Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane.

Spokane-Schools-Cowley #2.tif
Classroom and pupils.

Emerson Elementary School in Spokane.

Emerson Elementary School in Spokane.

Spokane-Schools-Emerson (#5).tif
Emerson Elementary School in Spokane.

Emerson Elementary School in Spokane.

Spokane-Schools-Grant (#1).tif
Baseball team at Grant Elementary.

Hawthorne School at 700 W. 4th Avenue. Taken on Saturday afternoon, October 24, 1936.

Spokane-Schools-Hawthorne (#2).tif
Hawthorne Elementary School.

Spokane-Schools-History (#2).tif
Holmes Elementary School.

Spokane-Schools-History (#3).tif
"This is a photograph of the first wooden schoolhouse which stood on the site of Lewis and Clark High School."

Spokane-Schools-History (#5).tif
"David Bemiss Grade School 8th grade class-1922."

Spokane-Schools-History (#7).tif
"Interior of first schoolhouse in Spokane."

Spokane-Schools-History (#22).tif
"Group photograph of the members of the Class of June 1899. Spokane High School."

Spokane-Schools-Holy Name Academy #1.tif
Undated photo of Holy Names Academy.

Spokane-Schools-Hutton #1.tif
"Pageant 1939 - Golden Jubilee." (Names of participants shown are listed with photograph.See Northwest Room for details.)

Spokane-Schools-Irving #1.tif
Irving School Graduates, September 1932, Miss Meehan's class. (Names of students are listed on reverse of original print. See Northwest Room for details)

Spokane-Schools-Irving #6.tif
Irving Elementary-first constructed in 1890.

Spokane-Schools-Lewis and Clark-Band & Orchestra #1.tif
Lewis and Clark High School Band. (Members are listed on reverse of original print. See Northwest Room for details.)

Lewis and Clark High School band as it appeared as one of the features of the Apple Blossom festival in Wenatchee.

"Lewis and Clark High School band in their new uniforms at the north Main entrance (on fourth Avenue) in November 1936."

"Massed bands rehearsing in auditorium in connection with music festival week in March 1941."
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