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Spokane-Schools-South Central -F1 (#30).tif
Also known as Spokane High School, built in 1908, and destroyed by fire in 1910.

Spokane-Schools-McKinley Elementary #1.tif
Built in 1902 and closed in 1962.

Spokane-Schools-Logan (#7).tif
Classroom at Logan.

Spokane-Schools-Logan (#9).tif
Established in 1889.

Spokane-Schools-Lewis&Clark-Sports & Hart Field #28.tif
"Team representing LC in the intersectional game at Toledo, Ohio."

Spokane-Schools-Lewis&Clark (Buildings) (#13).tif
Exterior of Lewis and Clark High School

Spokane-Schools-Lewis&Clark-Band & Orchestra #16.tif
"Band playing within the powerhouse tunnel at the Grand Coulee Dam in the spring of 1941 at the dedication of the first power generating units of the plant."

Spokane-Schools-Lewis&Clark-Band & Orchestra #18.tif
"Color guard of the LC Band in uniform in front of the main north entrance in early November 1936."

Spokane-Schools-Lewis and Clark #1.tif
"President Theodore Roosevelt speaking at the the laying of the cornerstone of the Lewis and Clark High School."

Spokane-Schools-Lewis and Clark-Band & Orchestra #1.tif
Lewis and Clark High School Band. (Members are listed on reverse of original print. See Northwest Room for details.)

Spokane-Schools-Irving #6.tif
Irving Elementary-first constructed in 1890.

Spokane-Schools-Irving #1.tif
Irving School Graduates, September 1932, Miss Meehan's class. (Names of students are listed on reverse of original print. See Northwest Room for details)

Spokane-Schools-Holy Name Academy #1.tif
Undated photo of Holy Names Academy.

Spokane-Schools-Hutton #1.tif
"Pageant 1939 - Golden Jubilee." (Names of participants shown are listed with photograph.See Northwest Room for details.)

Spokane-Schools-History (#7).tif
"Interior of first schoolhouse in Spokane."

Spokane-Schools-History (#5).tif
"David Bemiss Grade School 8th grade class-1922."

Spokane-Schools-History (#3).tif
"This is a photograph of the first wooden schoolhouse which stood on the site of Lewis and Clark High School."

Spokane-Schools-History (#22).tif
"Group photograph of the members of the Class of June 1899. Spokane High School."

Spokane-Schools-History (#2).tif
Holmes Elementary School.

Spokane-Schools-Hawthorne (#2).tif
Hawthorne Elementary School.

Spokane-Schools-Grant (#1).tif
Baseball team at Grant Elementary.

Spokane-Schools-Emerson (#5).tif
Emerson Elementary School in Spokane.

Spokane-Schools-Cowley #2.tif
Classroom and pupils.

Spokane-Schools-Brunot Hall #1.tif
Girls school founded by Lemuel H. Wells, first Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane.

Spokane-Schools #3.tif
Riding the school bus.

Spokane-Schools #1.tif
Students at Roosevelt Elementary School.
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