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Spokane Valley-Schools -- Opportunity  (#19).tif
"Grade Two B. Mrs. Genevieve Felts, Teacher."

Spokane Valley-Schools -- Opportunity  (#16).tif
Orchestra at Opportunity School.

Spokane Valley-Schools -- Opportunity  (#11).tif
"The first Opportunity School."

Spokane Valley-Schools -- Opportunity  (#6).tif
"Opportunity Grade School about 1919 or 1920."

Spokane Valley-Schools -- Opportunity  (#5.tif
Opportunity girls basketball team.

Spokane Valley-Schools -- Opportunity  (#4).tif
New building with first students.

Spokane Valley-Schools (#13).tif
Spokane Bridge School

Spokane Valley-Schools (#11).tif
Vera Grade School.

Spokane Valley-Schools (#8).tif
Millwood High School Student Association 5th Annual Musical.

Spokane Valley-Schools (#6).tif
West Valley High School Freshman Class.

Spokane Valley-Schools (#3).tif
"Dishman Grade School Baseball Team"

Spokane Valley-Schools (#2).tif
"The first Millwood High School opened September 1914."

Spokane Valley-Schools (#1.tif
"Dishman Grade School, First Grade."

Spokane Valley-Millwood ( #2).tif
"Seventh and eighth grades, Millwood School." (Note: Students' names are hand-written on reverse of print. See Northwest Room for details.)

Spokane County-Schools  (#4).tif
Pleasant Prairie School

Spokane County-Schools (#14).tif
"Valley Prairie School located in Chattaroy"

Spokane County-Schools (#13).tif
Marshall Grade School

Spokane County-Schools (#11).tif
"Green Mountain School, north end of Newman Lake, Spring 1914, Teacher Anne M. Muzzy."

Spokane County-Schools (#5).tif
Spokane Bridge School

Spokane-Schools-Washington (#5).tif
Washington Elementary School

Spokane-Schools-South Central -F2 (#12).tif
Girls Basketball Team, 1907-1908

Spokane-Schools-South Central -F1 (#4).tif
Shell of building destroyed by fire 1910.
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