Idaho Towns


Idaho Towns


The discovery of gold in Northern Idaho in 1882 was the catalyst for the establishment of the first settlements and towns in the Idaho Territory. Many of these towns started as mining camps built close to ore deposits, and depended on the mines to remain viable. When the ore was depleted, the population moved elsewhere. Many of the towns in this collection including Burke, Delta, Gem, Mace, Mt. Idaho and Murray are now ghost towns. Coeur d'Alene and Wallace became centers for mining and still thrive today, along with Lewiston and Post Falls. The photos in this collection range from the 1880s through 1932.

Collection Items

Northwest -- Idaho -- Burke (#01)
General view of the canyon and of the town at the time the Hecla mine was starting development.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Burke (#06)
Businesses in Burke, Idaho.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Burke (#07)
The mining village during the period of the strike in 1892.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Culdesac (#01)
Aerial view taken by the Burns Studio, Lewiston, Idaho.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Delta (#01)
View of this early mining camp probably made in the late 1880's by the Barnard Studio, Wallace, Idaho.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Gem (#01)
The town at the time of the mining riots in 1892.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Kingston (#01)
View of the town in 1893 by the Barnard Studio, Wallace, Idaho.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Lewiston (#17)
The first capitol of the Territory of Idaho.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Lewiston (#01)
"It presents a Picture You'll Never Forget." "An actual aerial view of the world famous Lewiston Spiral Highway taken by Burns Photo Co., Lewiston, Idaho."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Lewiston (#04)
"Main Street 1894 flood, Lewiston, Idaho."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Mace (#01)
"Before the Big snowslide Feb. 28, 1910."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Murray (#01)
"Panoramic view of the town in the days of its boom prior to 1898."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Orofino (#02)
"No, 41--Here is an unusual view of the town of Orofino, Idaho, a perfect bee-hive of industry. Large stands of white pine timber nearby. State Sanatorium in the distance. 'Up in the air with Burns, Lewiston, Idaho.'"

Northwest -- Idaho -- Orofino (#01)
"Orofino, Idaho. The beautiful Clearwater River threads its way through heavily timbered areas which are producers of wealth and much industry for the town and section. 'Up in the air' with Burns, Lewiston, Idaho."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Post Falls (#01)
"Dam at Post Falls power station. The Washington Water Power 15,000 hp."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Post Falls (#03)
Post Falls, Spokane River.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Post Falls (#02)
"Power house of the Post Falls station of the Washington Water Power company located on the Spokane River in Idaho near the Washington state line. A Spokane River project."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene (#08)
"Photographic copy of an illustration in an old real estate advertising publication."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene (#07)
"Docks on Coeur d'Alene. Train from Spokane met Coeur d' Alene lake steamer at docks."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene (#05)
"Hotel Idaho, Coeur d'Alene."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene (#02)
"Looking west on Sherman St. (Avenue) Coeur d' Alene." Copy print

Northwest -- Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene (#06)
"Airplane view of the city from the SW of the steamboat landing and from the center of the park."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene (#03)
"Official Photograph. Aerial view of Coeur d'Alene taken in 1932.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene (#04)
"Showing Ft. Sherman." copy print

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wallace (#18)
"View of the city during the days of rioting in 1892 showing the 'Bull pen' and the camps of the soldiers."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wallace (#13)
Wallace during the forest fire.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wallace (#14)
Birds-eye view of early town site.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wallace (#16)
View of early town site.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wallace (#12)
"General view of the town prior to the great fire of July 27, 1890."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wallace (#07)
"View of the town showing the smoking ruins after the forest fire of August 20, 1919. In this view are the ruins of the Union Pacific Station and the Pacific Hotel."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wallace (#11)
"View showing the smoking ruins of the town after the great fire of July 27, 1890."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wallace (#06)
"Cedar & 6th, Wallace, looking west."

Northwest -- Idaho -- Wardner (#02)
McNab and Livers, Druggists in Wardner Idaho. The business operated between 1886 and 1890 when it burned down.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Burke (#05)
The night shift of the Tiger mine poses for a photograph. Date unknown.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Burke (#02)
Burke at the time of mining unrest

Northwest -- Idaho -- Eagle City (#01)
"Matheny and Johnson Placer showing town of Eagle with a view of Pritchard Creek"

Northwest -- Idaho -- Elk River (#01)
Aerial view of Elk RIver, Idaho. Gold Creek in background. Taken before 1950.

Northwest -- Idaho -- Lapwai (#04)
"View of the town of Lapwai and Indian Agency buildings, the latter being in the foreground of the view"

Northwest -- Idaho -- Lewiston (#05)
The Luna House. Originally a hotel, the building served as the county courthouse from 1882 to 1889. The building was razed prior to January 1891.
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