Washington Towns


Washington Towns


When European explorers began their exploration of the Pacific Northwest in the 1700s, they saw a land filled with resources and opportunity. The Northwest, filled with a rich natural resources, became one of the top suppliers of raw materials for the United States, Britain and France. In the 21st century, the integration of nature with the urban cities or the rural countryside is part of the cultural heritage that makes the Northwest.

The photographs shown in this collection are of towns of varying sizes across the state of Washington, which were all founded for the gathering of these raw materials, including minerals, lumber, and agricultural goods. These pictures illustrate the growth of Washington from purely a resource supplier to a functioning, industrialized society from the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.

Collection Items

Washington -- Camas (#01)
Aerial view of Camas.

Washington -- Tekoa (#01)
Tekoa in 1914.

Washington -- Chelan (#01)
Looking across the site of Chelan, Washington from the summit of the hills to the east of the Columbia River with Lake Chelan in the distance.

Washington -- Yakima (#01)
Yakima in 1890.

Washington -- Chewelah (#01)
Aerial view of Chewelah.

Washington -- Clarkston (#01)
Southwestern aerial view of Clarkston (ca. 1926).

Washington -- Davenport (#03)
Federal troops in Davenport in 1885.

Washington -- Colville (#01)
Aerial View of Colville.

Washington -- Ellensburg (#02)
Ellensburg in 1890.

Washington -- Davenport (#04)
Davenport in 1900 (Copy print)

Washington -- Davenport (#01)
Davenport (ca. 1900). The creek in the foreground is Cottonwood Creek.

Washington -- Elk (#03)
Early Elk (Wash.), date unknown. copy print.

Washington -- Marcus (#01a)
Business section of Marcus in 1896.

Washington -- Palouse (#01)
Palouse City in 1890.

Washington -- Mica (#02)
W.M. Swartz General Merchandise Store located in Mica, ca. 1895.

Washington -- Newport (#01a)
View of Humbird Mill located in Newport, ca. 1928.

Washington -- Rosalia (#06)
Rosalia in 1914, from a postcard.

Washington -- Pullman (#01)
Pullman in 1890.

Washington -- Republic (#02b)
Northern view of Republic, Washington, ca. 1960.

Washington -- Bingen (#01)
View north from Main Street, Bingen, Klickitat Co.

Washington -- Brewster (#02)
Brewster, Okanogan County. View Southwest on Main Street from small town park.

Washington -- Brewster (#04)
"Brewster, Okanogan County. View southwest from Columbia River Bank"

Washington -- Brewster (#13)
"Brewster, Okanogan County. Hotel still commands best location in small Columbia River town. View Northwest."

Washington -- Chewelah (#02)
"Chewelah, Washington. Stevens County. View East."

Washington -- Carbonado (#01)
"Carbonado; Pierce County. View South. Former coal mining town is still very much alive. Owners of what must have been a "company" town have found other employment."

Washington -- Carlton (#01)
"Carlton, Okanogan County. Trading Post is inactive. Store in back also houses post office. Building had been relocated from old highway east of present one where an old hotel still stands (bunkhouse now) and a few fine old residences."

Washington -- Dayton (#09)
"Dayton, Columbia County. Railroad Station."

Washington -- Deer Park (#01)
Aerial photographic of Deer Park taken by Air National Guard

Washington -- Entiat (#01)
"Entiat, Chelan County. Right - Post office and Main Street before demolition."

Washington -- Dayton (#07)
Columbia County Courthouse, Dayton.

Washington -- Whidbey Island (#01)
Bush Point on Whidbey Island.

Washington -- Orting (#01)
"Orting; Pierce County. View Southeast with Mount Rainier."

Washington -- Oroville (#08)
"Oroville; Okanogan County. A street of old town at southern end dreams on and delights the tourist."

Washington -- Oroville (#02a)
"Oroville has a thriving business center. Okanogan County."

Washington -- Pateros (#05)
"Pateros: Okanogan County. View N. W. of Waggs, popular eating place."

Washington -- Pateros (#02)
"Pateros; Okanogan County. View S. E. on tree shaded Main Street."

Washington -- Palouse (#02)
"Palouse: Whitman County. There is still an air of aloof elegance about this fine, slightly worn at the edges hotel with French Mansard roof."

Washington -- Goldendale (#02)
"Goldendale. Noon on a hot day. View East on Main Street with beautification project."

Washington -- Maryhill (#01)
"Maryhill on the Columbia. View from Biggs, Oregon."

Washington -- Molson (#02)
"Molson, Washington. Okanogan County. View northeast from Chesaw-Molson Highway"
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