Northwest Transportation


Northwest Transportation


From early stagecoaches to modern bridges, residents of the Northwest have constantly sought to improve the transportation within the region. This digital collection contains bridges, trails, highways, roads, steamboats, ferries and other means of moving goods and people within the Northwest. Railroads have their own collection.

Collection Items

Northwest -- Bridges (#23)
"Bridge of the Gods on the Columbia River; Skamania County, View S. E."

Northwest -- Bridges (#01)
"View of bridge across the Columbia at Vancouver, Washington connecting with Portland."

Northwest -- Bridges (#02)
"Pehastin Wenatchee River Bridge."

Northwest -- Bridges (#07)
"River Gorge Bridge ca. 5 miles N. E. of Washougal, Clark County. View upstream of this interesting bridge also a principal view point from narrow terrace nearby to view gorge."

Northwest -- Bridges (#08)
"Columbia River Bridge. View North from Astoria, Oregon."

Northwest -- Bridges (#11)
Frank Palmer photograph of child walking across a small bridge.

Northwest -- Bridges (#13)
Child walking with a fishing pole.

Northwest -- Bridges (#14)
"Vancouver, B.C."

Northwest -- Bridges (#18)
"The steel bridge across the Columbia just below the falls. (Kettle Falls)."

Northwest -- Bridges (#19)
Steel Bridge at Kettle Falls.

Northwest -- Bridges -- Tacoma Narrows (#01)
"Tacoma Narrows Bridge. View West. One of the World's Big Suspension Bridges. Second Bridge."

Northwest -- Bridges, Covered (#01)
"Alpental Cov. footbridge. Snoqualmie Pass."

Northwest -- Bridges, Covered (#02)
"Schafer Bridge; built 1966. Owner: Carl A. Schafer, Montesano, Grays Harbor County. Location: Carl A. Schafer farm 5 miles N. E."

Northwest -- Bridges, Covered (#08)
"Willapa; Pacific Co. Wilson Creek. Where cows are the principal users a covered bridge is sort of a barn in a storm. View N. W."

Northwest -- Bridges, Covered (#18)
"Monroe Covered R. R. bridge. View North from Milwaukee Line. Trestle across Skykomish River. Only 30 mi. driving time from Seattle. Another century."

Northwest -- Bridges, floating (#01)
"Hood Canal floating bridge. View East."

Spokane -- Pigeon Hole Parking (#04)
"Pigeon Hole Parking Service at N. 22 Madison. Looking northeast."

Spokane -- Pigeon Hole Parking (#01)
"Pigeon Hole Parking Service at N. 22 Madison Street. Looking west at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral."

Spokane -- Pigeon Hole Parking (#03)
"Men in photo: top, Arthur F. Schwartz, lift operator. Bottom: Henry Vorlicky, co-owner & manager."

Northwest -- Steamboats (#05)
"Steamer 'Spokane' about 1907. Ran between Newport and Ione, Washington."

Northwest -- Steamboats (#01)
"Steamboats on Lake Coeur d'Alene?"

Northwest -- Steamboats (#02)
"Four of the old steamers which made the historic trip down the Columbia in May 1915 to celebrate the opening of the Celilo Canal are shown tied up at the Kennewick boat landing. The boats carried hundreds of joyous celebrants and public officials in…

Northwest -- Steamboats (#04)
"The Spokane and the Lewiston."

Northwest -- Ferries (#14)
"Seaton Ferry Lincoln Co., Washington on the Columbia near Wilbur."

Northwest -- Ferries (#12)
"Winslow: Bainbridge Island Ferry. View S. E. to West Seattle."

Northwest -- Highways -- Washington (#12)
"Panoramic View of the highway grade leading down into that community from the hills."

Northwest -- Highways -- Oregon (#01)
"Twilight on the Columbia from Mitchell's Point."

Northwest -- Highways -- Washington (#04)
"Inland Empire Highway. South of Thornton."

Northwest -- Highways -- Washington (#06)
"Rock Island near Wenatchee."

Northwest -- Highways -- Washington (#11)
"Highway northward through the Grand Coulee, Washington, toward the north end of the Coulee."

Northwest -- Highways -- Idaho (#07)
"The Serpentine highway (A 10-mile section) between Culdesac and Winchester, Idaho."

Northwest -- Highways -- Idaho (#01)
"Lewiston, Idaho, Hill, 1920s"

Northwest -- Highways -- Idaho (#02)
"Winchester grade near Winchester, Idaho. Now by-passed by better highway."

Northwest -- Lighthouses (#01)
"Fort Canby Light. Columbia River Entrance."

Northwest -- Mullan Road (#14)
"Marker on the grounds of the Post Falls, Idaho High School."

Northwest -- Mullan Road (#11)
"Mullan summit near tree showing Mullan Monument." "Trail marker at the summit of the 4th of July Canyon."

Northwest -- Mullan Road (#13)
"Cobblestone pyramid marker used along the line of the road through Washington."

Northwest -- Pack Trains (#03)
"Govt. Pack Train"

Northwest -- Pack Trains (#01)
No identification for this pack train.
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