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Spokane Buildings


The wooden frontier town of Spokane Falls was reborn after the fire of 1889 into a brick and iron metropolis with multistory buildings and large storefront windows still found today in the Bodie Block. Steel and elevators encouraged upward growth to house the swelling population, and Spokane had its first skyscraper in 1900. Architectural trends are found throughout Spokane’s historical buildings; including the Neoclassical style Post Office from 1908, the Gothic style Paulsen building from 1928, and the Art Deco style Sears, Roebuck and Co. building from 1930. Structures that survived the 1889 fire were demolished or remodeled in the 1950s and 1960s to make room for a new “modern” style, such as the Coliseum in 1954 and the Parkade in 1967.

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Spokane -- Buildings (#01)
"Spokane County Courthouse, ca. 1896, from Dr. Willis Merriam (gift)."

Spokane -- Buildings (#06)
"400-500 Block on Front (Later called Trent, then Spokane Falls Blvd.)" "Lee's Rooms, Chinese-Japanese Bazzar (sic)." "1905 Spokand R. L. Polk Directory shows: Havana block, built in 1903, 506-508 Front, Volunteers of America 426 Front Avenue, O.M.…

Spokane -- Buildings (#07)
"Mule and wagon outlet"

Spokane -- Buildings (#10)
"Main and Howard" "including Savoy Hotel - W 526 1/2 Main"

Spokane -- Buildings (#11)
"900 Block West Sprague Avenue (rear view)" "Sanborn map and Spokane Polk city directory, 1902 show: Eagle Cash Grocery (on left) at 927 West Sprague Avenue. Middle building was hay and grain, later restaurant. To the left of it the small building is…

Spokane -- Buildings (#14)
"900 Block Second Avenue (north side of street)." "From an envelope labeled 'Business buildings & properties owned by D. H. D." "Sanborn map , 1902, shows: House at 918 West Second Avenue. Store at 920 West Second Avenue. Lumber yard west of store."

Spokane -- Buildings (#15)
"Henle Portrait Studio in the Garland Theater building. Note architectural detail on bldg."

Spokane -- Buildings (#20)
"100 Wall." "From envelope labeled 'Business property and buildings of D.H.D. (Daniel H. Dwight)." "Spokane R. L. Polk City Directory, shows: Hope Block 126 Mill (Wall) Street. The Svea Saloon, August Anderson, Proprietor. 124 Mill (Wall)."

Spokane -- Buildings (#27)
"Lindale Block built in 1890. N. 4 Washington. NE corner Sprague and Wash. Demolished." "Gift of Norman Snyder."

Spokane -- Buildings (#30)
"100 Block South Post." "1905 Spokane Polk Directory shows: 117 Post-furnished rooms. 121 Post- James Molls, Cigars."

Spokane -- Buildings (#34)
"900 Block, Second Ave." "The Edgewood Butter Company was located at 925 Second Avenue. From an envelope labeled 'Businesses and properties owned by D.H.D.' Dwight owned the building."

Spokane -- Buildings (#36)
"900 Block, Second Avenue (South side of street)." "Spokane R.L. Polk City Directory shows: The Unique Cabinet Shop, 916 Second Avenue (house on left). T.S. Grant, Signs -916 Second Ave. Trunks (possibly E.S. Wingate Trunk Co.) Japanese Methodist…

Spokane -- Buildings (#39)
"City Hall and School Administration building beyond: Early morning view." "City Hall 1913-1983."

Spokane -- Buildings (#40)
"South 9 Post." "From envelope labeled 'Business property & buildings of D.H.D." "Spokane R.L. Polk Directory shows: South 9 Post - Anderson, James and Company, Clothing. Moved from S. 4 1/2 Post across to S. 9 Post. S. 11 Post - Furnished Rooms, Lou…

Spokane -- Buildings (#46)
"Downtown Motel & Restaurant, The Sahara."

Spokane -- Buildings (#49)
"South 9 Post." "Fron an envelope labeled 'Business property and buildings of D.H.D. (Daniel H. Dwight)." "Spokane R. L. Polk City Directory shows: Quick Print, S. 9 Post. C.W. Brooks, Linotype Printer, rear, 2nd floor, S. 11 Post. Foster & Foster…

Spokane -- Buildings (#50)
"Post and First (northeast corner Post at First)." "American Red Cross shop at S. 13 Post. Paul Heiser Dance Studio at W. 722 First (in 3 story building). Rooms at S. 9-11 Post."

Spokane -- Buildings -- Auditorium (#01)
"Auditorium, H.C. Hayward Manager."

Spokane -- Buildings -- Auditorium (#02)
"Auditorium Building Spokane"

Spokane -- Buildings -- City Hall (#12)
"Located- NW corner- Howard and Trent"

Spokane -- Buildings (#32)
"South Post Street." "From envelope labeled 'Buildings & Properties owned by DHD.' Daniel Dwight owned the Falls City Block which is the block on the right. In 1905 the W. D. Martin Real Estate Company was in 8-9 Falls City Block. Barely visable on…

Spokane -- Buildings (#44)
"700 Block West Sprague Avenue." "Northeast corner, Sprague and Post. 722-728 West Sprague Avenue. Building on left is Peyton Building (side facing Post Street). In 1902, according to the Polk Spokane city directory, the following businesses were…

Spokane -- Buildings -- City Market (#01)
"Old City Market. 2nd and Stevens. Built by Joseph E. Horton." "Currently home of Allied Safe and Lock - 2001." "Donated by Janice Nye Baxter, Horton's grand-daughter."

Spokane -- Buildings -- Exchange Building (#01)
View of Exchange building. Shows trolley lines above.

Spokane -- Buildings -- First Avenue (#01)
"900 Block West First Avenue." "Photos from envelope labeled 'property owned by D.H.D." "This is the way the blocked looked in 1910 according to the Sanborn map." "The Spoke Saloon is still next door to the left at 909 West First, but two new…

Spokane -- Buildings -- First Avenue (#02)
"900 Block West First Avenue." From an envelope labeled "property owned by D.H.D." "This is the block shown in 1902 according to the Sanborn map of that year." "Home nursery is located on the vacant lot between the Spoke Saloon and Fisher and Son…

Spokane -- Buildings -- First Avenue (#03)
"900 Block West First Avenue." "Photos from envelope labeled 'property owned by D.H.D." "According to the R. L. Polk Spokane city directories, The Spoke Saloon, owned by Frank Hix, was first listed in the 1906 at 909 West First Avenue. The lot to the…

Spokane -- Buildings -- Frankfurt Block (#01)
"Frankfurt Building at the corner of Main and Howard prior to 1889. Copied by Donahue, Dec. 1939."

Spokane -- Buildings -- Great Eastern (#05)
"View fronting on Riverside Ave. Burned January 24, 1898. Nine lives lost (?). Insured $140,000. Loss $250,000."

Spokane -- Buildings -- Great Eastern (#13)
"Burned January 24, 1898. Loss on building and contents $250,000. Insured for $140,000. Nine lives lost (?)."

Spokane -- Buildings -- Main Avenue (#02)
"The Higby building, later known as the Grand Hotel." "NW corner of Main and Howard."

Spokane -- Buildings -- Main Avenue (#03)
"Construction of the Kemp & Hebert building on the northwest corner of Main and Washington. Behind it is the Hotel Dempsey on Front (Trent)." "400 Block - West Main."

Spokane -- Buildings -- Masonic Temple (#06)
"1108 W. Riverside Ave. Rear Veiw"

Spokane -- Buildings -- Opera House (#02)
Spokane Opera House in 1976

Spokane -- Buildings -- Parkade (#04)
Pedestrians crossing Howard Street

Spokane -- Buildings -- Parkade (#05)
View of the parkade in 1967

Spokane -- Buildings -- Parkade (#06)
View of the parkade in 1967
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