Scenic Northwest


Scenic Northwest


The landscapes of the Pacific Northwest have been shaped by millions of years of volcanic activity, creating spectacular peaks and mountains. Enormous fresh water lakes appeared later when Ice Age glaciers blocked swollen rivers nearly 15,000 years ago. These geologic events resulted in a varied backdrop of picturesque features unique to the area. The photographs included in the Scenic Northwest collection are a sampling of the most scenic locations in the region. Included are waterfalls, lakes, rivers, mountains, beaches and canyons. Most of the prints are black and white but some hand-tinted prints by Spokane scenic photographer Frank Palmer are included.

Collection Items

Washington -- Metaline Falls (#01)
Overlooking the Pend Oreille River.

Washington -- Metaline Falls (#03)
"Cement plant-Metaline Falls." Hand-tinted print.

Northwest -- Rivers -- Snake (#01)
"Snake River canyon between Oregon & Idaho."

Northwest -- Lakes -- Bonnie Lake (#04)
Bonnie Lake near Cheney.

Northwest -- Lakes -- Chelan (#07)
"Moore's Point from Railroad Creek, Lucerne."

Northwest -- Waterfalls -- Multnomah Falls (#01)
Multnomah Falls taken during the winter of 1936-1937.

Northwest -- Waterfalls -- Palouse Falls (#11)
Waterfall on the Palouse River is 198 feet high.

Northwest -- Mountains -- Mount Hood (#01)
"View of the mountain from the Hood River Valley."

Northwest -- Mountains -- Mount Hood (#06)
"Distant view of the snow-capped summit among the trees along the highway."

Northwest -- Mountains -- Mount Hood (#08)
"Near timberline of Mt. Hood in winter." "Taken during one of the climbs made by Portland parties in January, 1932."

Northwest -- Mountains -- Mount Rainier (#13)
"Mt. Rainier from Spanaway Lake near Tacoma."

Northwest -- Mountains -- Mount Rainier (#14)
Mount Rainier in the distance

Northwest -- Canyons -- Northrup (#02)
Northrup Canyon, Branch of Grand Coullee.

Northwest -- Wild flowers (#03)
"Bear or Indian Basket grass in bloom." Mount Spokane State Park.

Northwest -- Canyons -- Deep Creek (#20)
Deep Creek Canyon in Riverside State Park, Spokane County.

Northwest -- Canada -- B.C. -- Parks (#01)
"Falls in Kootenai National Park."

Northwest -- Lakes -- Newman Lake (#01)
"Across the lake to snow-capped Mt. Spokane."

Northwest -- Lakes -- Newman Lake (#02)
Hand-tinted print of Newman Lake.

Northwest -- Lakes -- Pend Oreille (#07)
"View across the lake at the south end and taken about 1900."

Northwest -- Lakes -- Priest Lake (#33)
Priest Lake in northern Idaho.

Northwest -- Rivers -- Pend Oreille  #10
Near Metaline Falls. hand-tinted by Frank Palmer.

Northwest -- Rivers -- Wenatchee  (#01)
"The thickly forested closed in gorge of the river near the headwaters of the stream"

Northwest -- Beaches -- Oregon (#12)
Distant view of the long stretch of this beach to the south of Tillamook

Northwest -- Creeks  (#08)
Railroad Creek near Lake Chelan.

Northwest -- Creeks -- Latah Creek (Hangman Creek) (#03)
"Latah" is a Nez Perce name meaning "fish." Also known as "Hangman Creek."

Northwest -- Canyons (#06)
The exact location of this image is unknown. It is labeled "Ratelsnack Canyon, Pend Oreille Co. Washington"

Northwest -- Canyons (#02)
Sinclair Canyon in Kootenay National Park.

Northwest -- Lakes --  Sacheen (#08)
Hand tinted print of Sacheen Lake

Northwest -- Lakes --  Sacheen (#01)
Hand tinted print of Sacheen Lake

Northwest -- Lakes --  Sacheen (#04)
"Four Falls on West Branch outlet Sacheen Lake"

Northwest -- Rivers -- Coeur d'Alene (#01)
"A large and very quiet pool in the upper reaches of the Coeur d'Alene North Fork. View was probably made in the early 1890s."

Northwest -- Beaches -- Oregon (#01)
"The line near Tillamook Head."

Northwest -- Oregon -- Beaches (#02)
"Sunset view along the coast near TIllamook Head.
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